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About this site

I’m pretty sure this is the most comprehensive and objective source of information about Chaga available on the internet or in print. The goal is to improve consumer awareness about Chaga as a dietary supplement.

The emphasis this time is on ‘objective’ because with few exceptions most web-based Chaga information is characterised by exaggerated marketing stories, hearsay and cherry-picked information. This website is presenting the facts, to counter those unverifiable stories and the deceiving marketing.

There is no commercial motive behind this website. I do not offer any products but instead included an overview of available Chaga supplements so you can compare and decide for yourself what is good, what is better and what is best avoided.

All information is based on the available scientific research, common sense and logic.

A starting point was 'Chaga - The Facts' which included many references. The sources are available as downloads and links here, so all claims and conclusions can be verified if desired.

Some people will be disappointed after reading this site. I was disappointed myself to be honest. I was a believer in Chaga as ‘King of Herbs’ !
The truth turned out to be less glamorous. Chaga is a great medicinal mushroom but not as great as they want you to believe. The scale of the amount of misinformation was actually unbelievable. Chaga is a true hype including all the drawbacks! Don't take my word for it - see and judge for yourself !

If you find any mistakes, just use the contact form and tell me why you think it’s a mistake.

Thanks ! Dave